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Equipment Rental

We provide film and video packages through peer to peer platforms.

We offer ultra-fast answers and we like to respond to the needs of our borrower whenever possible.

You are invited to pick up and drop off the equipment from 10AM and 9PM each day.



Any cancellations or rental date changes are possible within 24-48h before the rental starts.


Be aware that 1 day Rental is 24 hours or less, if your rental is longer than 24 hours then it's considered as 2 days rental or be charged a late fee. 



Cancellations within 2 hours of approval or more than 24 hours prior to hand out: No charge will be made, and you will be refunded 100% of the rental price.


The equipment can be handed over from 7PM the day before the starting date of the booking. The equipment has to be returned to the lender latest at 9AM the day after the end date of the booking.

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