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Baou Productions is a videos production company that offers full-production or “à la carte” services. Our full-time team is regularly completed by talented freelancers we are used to working with. You will receive the help of dedicated producers and filmmakers from start to end to guide you through the production process.

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Powerful documentaries to get your message across.


Baou Productions has a full-time crew of dedicated producers and filmmakers, which is ideal for long-term documentary projects where we drop in and out of a story. We bring an original and relevant vision of our society through rich and impactful content.

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Promotion videos, online advertising and trailers.


Starting with a deep understanding of your brief, we’ll recommend creative solutions, ideal video durations, and the optimum shapes and styles for each online platform. Our goal is to optimise your promotional videos for the greatest possible impact.

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Capturing significant events and moments of celebration.

Event videography is one of the best ways to recreate your event virtually for your online audience. Our professional event videographer will  help you create content that highlights your event. 

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